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bien amigos aqui les dejo links de las partes de esta VideoGuia que aun esta en Proceso por un servidor, espero les sea de ayuda y sea de su agrado, si quieren seguir esta gui al pie de la letra estaran aqui los Links: y bien si quieres ver muchos mas videos y turoriales visita el canal y suscribete para que estes informado de cada que haya un video nuevo

parte 1: youtu.be/1uuwg6pjIuY

parte 2: youtu.be/ZeumJ0x6xOU

parte 3: youtu.be/NbYOK6g1ZZs

parte 4: youtu.be/ef8-sbyU24c

parte 5: youtu.be/_HSAyEEQN8Y

parte 6: youtu.be/64wY7hyaVLw

parte 7: youtu.be/0fBnJ9X48-U

parte 8: youtu.be/BC4uXom-uQc

parte 9: youtu.be/p9v4kMoEFF0

parte 10: youtu.be/pK_-Forf7g0

parte 11: proximamente 

parte 12: proximamente 

parte 13: proximamente 

parte 14: proximamente 

parte 15: proximamente 

parte 16: proximamente

parte 17: proximamente 

parte 18: proximamente

parte 19: proximamente

parte 20:  

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Comentado por Payal( vvecariari.ucr.ac.cr ), 30-03-2013, 07:01 (UTC):
Hi Lisa, I was reading Carly's Voice when I saw the sbecujt of your post. So, I waited until I finished reading it to read your review, so I wasn't unduly influenced. The book was excellent and so was your review. Although, honestly, the first part detailing the intensity of raising a severely impacted, non-verbal child, I didn't need to read. We live that. But, when Carly is able to have her inner voice heard, that's magical. And, I love what an original, funny, even snarky voice she has! The letter to Ellen DeGeneres made me cry, and I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't. It has made me think more about ways my son's inner voice can be heard. And maybe even a bar mitzvah one day. (I'm getting verklempt.) He's very different in many ways from Carly, but he's clearly bright and has the capacity to learn to read and write. I think he'll be asking for gummy bears, though.For the people who didn't win the book, I was given my copy and I'd be happy to loan it out. Contact Tobi at the Autism Society of Oregon to arrange it.

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